Meet the Team

A description of each of the Team Alexa members and their individual contributions and passions.



Maggie McNerney 

Maggie is a public relations major, so her passion lies in the promotion and inspiration aspect of the project. Because Roger is the main coder, the other team members will be there to give Roger the grand idea of the project and help along the way. As a very organized and detail-oriented person, Maggie enjoys managing team meetings and organizing group assignments. She will also help with any graphic design and and writing efforts that will be needed in both designing the website as well as promoting and marketing the Alexa skill. For the project plan assignment, Maggie will help Amy and Dina complete what Roger needs and organize and add graphics to the overall proposal

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Amy Zou

Amy is a PR major, so her technical skills are more about graphic design and sales promotion. For the project, Amy will help with the first part brainstorming and background research. And after the main product is finished, Amy will take part in designing the website to introduce the product. Amy is also very pleased with helping Roger to code. Although she knows has limited coding knowledge, she would like to learn from this project.For the project plan presentation, Amy will help write out the commands and responds that Roger needs to code for the beginning of the Alexa code.


Roger Yang

As the primary developer on the team, Roger will be responsible for delivering a production ready Alexa app (AKA skill) that meets the functionality standards. He will be utilizing Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) for their APIs, tools, and documentation. He will also be using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a deployment platform for the Alexa skill. The main languages he will be working with are Java and Javascript as they can both make service requests to Amazon Echo. In conclusion, his job is to take an idea and code it into an Alexa skill.