How it works

How: The Study Buddy skill will be built by utilizing Alexa Skill’s Kit, an API that provides all of the necessary functions such as speech recognition and its corresponding service call.
Investigation: To allow users to easily integrate StudyBot into their daily lives, we need to determine if there are services from popular applications that we can use. For example, consider the Textbook Shelf function that is planned. One popular application that has a built in text-to-speech function for books is Audible. If we were able to use its service for our Textbook Shelf function, it would be a simple setup for users. That is heavily dependent on if Audible provides an API to work with Alexa (which they do since they are an ASLAM Postermazon company).
Since Alexa is a speech driven service, we need to come up with appropriate phrases that will acti
vate and control StudyBot. Our objective is to create general phrases that we think most users will say. Slight alterations of the phrase would also be acceptable thanks to Alexa’s ability to understand natural language.
Technical: Amazon requires developers to deploy their Alexa Skill onto a web service, such as Amazon Web Services. So in addition to coding the skill itself, Lambda Functions will also have to be created for the deployed skill. We will need to research how Amazon Web Services can use a Lambda Function to allow our skill to work.
Application: As mentioned earlier, we would like to use as many relevant third-party services as we can. If a popular service is not available for Alexa, we will attempt to build a function that we think users will enjoy using. Our list of functions may grow as we continue to research the services available and what functions users may want.
Testing: We hope to publish a beta version of the skill with limited functions onto the Alexa Skill Store and push updates out as more functions become available. This a
llows us to have a user base to test Study Buddy and find bugs that we may not have found.